Software Development

Custom API technology is the future -allowing your company maximum flexibility in its operations.

Software Development

The vast majority of Eb3systems engagements are custom software development solutions. We have found that many packaged solutions are not perfect fits for certain business issues and a huge amount of time goes into making it work the way you want. This can make the whole endeavor much more expensive and time consuming in the long run.

Custom software solutions can make complex tasks easy, save time, reduce personnel, better manage production, ensure data accuracy and solve a myriad of other business issues. Our software solutions will fit your company exactly and our success rate ensures that it will meet or exceed your expectations.

We don’t hand you a system and walk away. We stay with our clients, as consultants, after the software is delivered. We ensure that it works, that it addresses the business issues for which it was designed and that it is updated and modified over time as business needs evolve.

Our custom software solutions are not just designed around the needs of your business, but also the needs of your users (yes, we interview them, too) because they frequently have the best handle on what the situation requires. Our analysts meet them and consult with them before, during and after development.